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Work Boots/ Work Shoes/ Steel Toe Shoes/ Safety Shoes
Uniform Shoes/ Police Shoes
Combat Boots/ Military Boots/ Desert Boots/ Army Boots
Steel Toes / Aluminum Toes
Non-Metallic Toes / Composite Toes
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®Built To Perform

Our company has been in footwear industry for more than 10 years. Our initial products are not work boots and desert boots. In fact we start with a small factory making quality footwear component, like steel toes, PU outsoles, and work boot and desert boot uppers. With our solid knowledge about footwear components and the confidence we have from our customers, we decide to change direction to focus on making the finest work boots and desert boots. And until now we give our full commitment only to manufacturing these two types of boots because we have built our knowledge and have gained a reputation on this very serious and professional boots making industry.

On the way to becoming one of the most professional work boot and desert boot manufacturers, we focus on following several international recognized standards for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), like EN ISO 20345/20347, CSA, and ASTM F2413-05. Our work boots and desert boots meet or exceed all these strict standard requirements. And we keep our eyes on the consistent development of more innovative and reliable materials. Our work boots and desert boots are built to perform! Today our company is recognized for its permanent concern for quality.